C2-WELDSTRONG allows Pre and Post processing tool to create groups of fillet and butt welds without CAD geometry. Fillet and butt weld results can be evaluated according to Eurocode 3, AWS D1.1/AISC 360-16 or user defined codes.

Fast and easy creation of solid fillet welds without CAD geometry including automation features for weld contact setup and import/export direct in Mechanical. Weld strength evaluation according to Eurocode 3, AWS D1.1/AISC 360-16 or other user defined codes.

The model preparation is much faster than a manual approach since all weld properties are defined in on place in the model tree for all welds of the same type and size. Updating the weld geometry does not require any geometry update or re-meshing since the weld is treated as a load object and the weld mesh is created during solution.

Structural and thermal-structural as well as pre-stressed modal, harmonic, random and transient analysis are supported. The weld configuration can be exported to a text file and re-used in new projects. This allows for easy automation defining weld setup and result objects using named selections etc.

Weld code results can be plotted direct in Mechanical for groups of welds for an individual load step or as a “maximum over time”. The app can extract weld results from both shell and solid models, with and without weld elements and from multi-body and contacts. The existing codes and the user defined codes are defined in a preference file where the expressions for weld strength and equivalent weld stress are defined. Detailed results in a csv text file is always available after solution to allow external post processing. The weld throat size, end offset, ultimate strength and safety factors can be parameters in a design point study together with resulting weld utilization or other weld results.

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