C2-PIP models water, petroleum, refined products, chemicals, refrigerants, low pressure sewer systems and more. It can be used for selecting and sizing pipes, pumps, valves, tanks and other devices. Calibration tools and pump operation optimization features help ensure sound modelling. C2-PIP can model applications ranging from single well sensitivity analyses of key parameters, to a multi-year planning study for an entire production field. Pipeline Network Design improves profitability and performance in companies across the globe by using proven solution algorithms, modern production methods, and software analysis techniques to create a robust and efficient oil field design and planning tool.

C2-PIP provides a comprehensive set of industry standard empirical and mechanistic methods for analysing multiphase flow phenomena in pipes. Coupled with extensive fluid models and a rigorous energy balance incorporating a detailed heat transfer analysis capability, this is a flexible tool for evaluating the complete range of fluid flow phenomena encountered in single-phase and multiphase pipelines.

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